Caring for Our Health

The health and quality of life for our locals should be of equal importance to caring for our environment and supporting our economy. Too often, our county operations attempt to "watch out for themselves" and fail to recognize that the organization exists to support the locals, not the other way around. 

Improving County Parks and Pools

  • Spending the time and funds to enact long term improvement projects for all of our county parks, beaches,  and pools so they experience less downtime during emergency repairs, and so our county facilities reflect the governments' devotion to encouraging healthy living

  • Addressing the inequality of taxation between the tourists and residents and putting those tourism tax dollars towards improving resident experience and tourism's environmental impact, not just devoting tourism tax to improving visitor experience. The result of this change would be that locals would feel like, "My community welcomes a large number of tourists, but those tourists help pay for our world-class resident-serving facilities and amenities, and we lead the world in protecting our natural resources."

Addressing Drug, Tobacco, and Alcohol Use in Youth

  • Increasing the county support for drug and tobacco cessation nonprofit and government organizations

  • Legislating in a way that effectively decreases youth access to vaping

  • Supporting education at the elementary and middle school for both students and 'ohana to stem the early drinking ages and irresponsible drinking afflicting our youth

Supporting Programs for Kupuna and Youth

  • Opening up county parks, building, and recreational facilities to education and recreation programs that are not just sports. This might look like a robust parks and recreation program with cheap or free music, dance, art, gardening, language, and parenting classes out in the non-central districts so they are more accessible to our low-income or at-risk community members. 

  • Providing more opportunity for kupuna and youth to spend time together in these recreational or other programs

  • Encouraging more business internship and apprenticeship programs to enlighten and educate our youth in the operations of local businesses, county management, and local industries

Making Recreational Facilities More Accessible

  • Increasing County and Department of Education cooperation so that our schools' sports, music programs, and the arts are able to more easily use county facilities to benefit our children and youth, and likewise, the county's residents feel more welcome at and able to appropriately use our schools' facilities to benefit local children and youth

Budgeting for Improved Healthcare Countywide

  • While Maui's hospitals become more privatized, the county can direct its attention to preventative health through greater access to non-emergency care, education programs, women's health, and increased recreation programs

  • Supporting education and legislation to encourage more home-grown healthcare professionals

  • Supporting education and legislation to address mental health in Maui County