Empowering Our Economy Through:

Getting Maui's Unemployed Back to Work

  • Providing clear and understandable plans for pandemics, economic depressions, and natural disasters before the emergencies strike

  • Providing LEADERSHIP and TRANSPARENCY during emergencies so that county residents can emotionally and logistically thrive and recover despite hardships

  • Increasing efficient fiscal devotion to capital improvement projects, such as repairing our roads, improving the quality of our county's parks and recreational facilities, and upgrading our outdated water systems

  • When tourism does resume, increasing the quality (not necessary quantity) of visitor experience so that visitor spending increases faster than visitor numbers

  • Ensuring that when residents need to rely on unemployment money and other safety nets because of emergencies or extreme economic downturns, that those safety nets are functioning and able to handle the claims made upon them

  • Having shovel-ready jobs in the pipeline to take advantage of federal and state grants made during the pandemic 

Mitigating Tourism

  • Limiting visitors while increasing visitor spending

  • Increasing public transportation and limiting rental cars on the roads

  • Keeping our tourism taxes in our county

  • Decreasing government spending on promoting Hawai'i Tourism and increasing government attention to healthy tourism levels that balance economy, the environment, and the well being of our residents

Diversifying Industry

  • Achieving justice in water rights so all parties can move forward and both smaller and large-scale agriculture can plan its future accordingly

  • Amending the laws that punish small farms and self-reliance so that locals can provide for their families on their without the threat of increasing taxes or overextended government interference

  • Increasing agricultural education and stimulation

  • Growing our science, technology, health care, and education businesses through enticing more of our educated young adults back home to our county to live and work

  • Becoming a world leader in sustainable environmentalism through environmental improvement initiatives that support the economy and better the lives of the residents and the land

  • Supporting our arts and culture industries through grants and making our county's assets (such as parks, buildings, and land) more accessible to arts and culture educators, performers, and practitioners

  • Developing a clear plan to achieve energy and food self-sufficiency in the near future

Increasing Educational Opportunities

  • Pushing for more local control of our school district so that our public schools are able to be progressive in meeting our county's unique educational needs

  • Increasing county and Department of Education cooperation so that our schools' sports, music programs, and the arts are able to more easily use county facilities to benefit our children and youth, and likewise the county's residents feel more welcome at and able to appropriately use our schools' facilities to benefit local children and youth

  • Encouraging more business internship and apprenticeship programs to enlighten and educate our youth in the operations of local businesses and industries

  • Supporting career training educational programs and small businesses through clear paths to licensing and administrative assistance in meeting local and state regulations and requirements

  • Encouraging state funding increases for our UH Maui Campus to expand our programs and provide a stronger incentive to local youth to continue their educational pursuits

Supporting Local Businesses

  • Aggressively studying the needs of our small businesses from their local government and doing what it takes to meet those needs as a county and addressing how large corporations outcompete and overrun local businesses

  • Providing free education and training on how to start and legally operate a small business in Maui County through a more well-staffed and articulate small business administration

  • Restructuring the complicated and overreaching tax, licensing, and regulatory structure that burdens local businesses with administrative befuddlement, which then will strengthen the ability of small businesses to stay legal, in compliance, and current in their operating regulations

  • Changing the way and the amount we tax small businesses so that we are not taxing them (financially and regulatory)  to death

  • Adopting regulations that place a higher tax burden on tourists to decrease the tax burden on small businesses

  • Addressing the glut of vacant commercial buildings owned by corporations who rely on bloated reporting of expected lease amounts and the accompanying tax write off, and making sure ensuing legislation helps keep commercial building leases and agricultural land affordable for local businesses and farmers